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Online Therapy

Who we are?

InstaThera is part of a group of Sister Organizations providing services in the field of Special Education and Therapy services.

The Founders and Board of InstaThera comprises of Professionals who have over 75 years of combined experience in the field of allied health sciences and education.

We were already providing consultation, mitigating staffing issues for our clients, using traditional in-person face-to-face modalities, to our Insurance clients, School District partners and Healthcare facilities. However, our clients continued to face challenges and compliance issues due to unavailability of licensed/credentialed staff.

The main reasons being
• geographical constraints,
• inflexibility of schedule and
• unavailability of a secure compliant platform.

Using our experiences in providing therapy services, we embarked in creating a platform, which would overcome the above issues bringing evidence-based practices and connect Professionals with our Clients.
Thus, giving birth to!!

We were delivering Online therapy services since 2018 to Virtual Public Schools, traditional K-12 School Districts and Individual Clients. This practice took a huge leap during the COVID-19 crisis of 2020, when online educational and therapy service dissemination accelerated and was adopted by educational and private institutions.

InstaThera’s objective is to offer very high-quality online therapy services under a safe and secured environment with highest security mechanisms built in. All it takes is a good computer, high speed internet, an HD camera and speaker to provide and access the services of teletherapy.

Talk to our experts

R is a licensed, well qualified and experienced Speech Language Pathology expert. She has served local school districts in Folsom and Tracy areas in California. She also has conducted online therapy sessions with local school districts in bay area.


J is a licensed, highly qualified and experienced Occupational Therapist. She has worked in bay area local school districts and also conducted numerous online therapy sessions using Instathera platform.


Samrat Roy is the founder of Instathera. Sam has MBA from Santa Clara University & is also an experienced SLP. He oversees business development & also brings mixed skills in providing SLP, assessments, Early childhood assessments etc

Samrat Roy