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Speech-Language Therapy

We are experts in providing excellent speech language therapy and we have lot of success stories to share. Our therapists cover various areas such as articulation, phonology, fluency, voice and pragmatics.


Our therapists treat fine motor skills, handwriting, visual motor skills, sensory integration/dysfunction, school related self-care tasks using teletherapy activities. We are able to notice lot of improvments with our clients

Behaviour & Mental Health Services

Our Therapists provide your students pre-referral behavior intreventions, mental-health services, and psycoeducational assessments online.

Psycoeducational Evaluation

Our psychologists provide online psychoeducation evaluations and streamlining the indentification processes for special education and continued eligibility.

Early Intervention Services

Our therapists provide early intrevention / infant services that include speech, occupation and bevahviour therapy.

Early Childhood

Our therapists provide online speech therapy, motor therapy, behavioral and mental health services and family support.