How it works …


Therapists must possess a masters degree in their relevant field of practice and are expected to possess a valid license to perform therapy in the state in which it is performed. Therapists should also be fingerprinted and cleared. Good computer with microphone and video camera and high speed internet is a must.

Therapists Register

Therapists should have masters degree in their relevent field. In addition therapists have to pass their eligibility and have their credentials validated before they could get registered on InstaThera platform. InstaThera associates will get in touch with the therapists and complete the registration process.


Clients will have to register themselves on Instathera Platform. Instathera associates will get in touch to complete the registration process. On completion of registration, variety of subscription plans will be offered to the clients. Clients can subscribe to a plan that fit their needs and budget, so that clients can choose the right one for them and upgrade or downgrade subscription anytime.


Once therapists are registered and cleared, they can schedule online therapy sessions with the clients anytime and the online therapy can be performed anywhere. Email remainders will be sent to notify upcoming schedules.